guqin Egypt , Where can I find high-quality guqin?

Firstly, guqin can be divided into several categories due to its price: 1. Master qin (usually priced at around 50000 to 500000 yuan, with a surface of raw paint, an old cedar wood panel, a catalpa wood base, wrapped in summer cloth, and a gray body made of raw paint mixed with deer antler frost. The craftsmanship is generally good. After all, this price range is good, but with the endorsement of the master, the cost-effectiveness is not high, and there is not much room for appreciation.) 2 Pure handmade old cedar lacquer guqin (usually priced between 4000 and 50000 yuan, similar to master qin craftsmanship and materials, so without master endorsement, it would be much more cost-effective. The difference in price in the selection of materials is better or worse than batch materials, with no more than 3% being able to make high-end qin wood, and the different pianists used, resulting in different prices.) 3 Pure handmade new Chinese fir lacquer guqin (priced between 3000 to 10000 yuan, with a cost similar to that of the old Chinese fir guqin. However, the selected wood is made of new materials, not old materials for inspection, so the cost is lower. However, the probability of deformation and cracking is high. In order to reduce the cost of replacing wood materials, the level of a pianist must not be top-notch, and the price will be relatively low.)
The material and production process of guqin: The material of guqin determines its quality and sound. The traditional guqin is usually made of cedar wood as the panel, catalpa wood as the base, mahogany, and ebony accessories. The process of making guqin is very complex and requires multiple processes, such as plate matching, assembly, engraving, and so on. Each process requires meticulous craftsmanship to produce high-quality guqin. Therefore, when purchasing guqin, it is necessary to choose those that have been carefully crafted and every detail carefully polished. There are many Guqin brands in the market, each with a unique sound and texture. Some high-end brands of guqin are expensive, but their sound quality and appearance are excellent, making them suitable for professional performers to choose from. If you are a beginner, you can choose some cost-effective brands with certain sound quality and production techniques.
As a daily companion, guqin is crucial in terms of timbre, as it is directly related to the cultivation of the player is interest and the fun of playing. Guqin is a plucked instrument with different octaves on each string. The accuracy of the pitch is mainly determined by the accuracy of the emblem position, and the quality of the timbre is the most basic benchmark for identifying the quality of a Guqin. The sound of a good piano is uniform, round, and penetrating. When it comes to the volume at the beginning, it may not necessarily be very loud, but it sounds very powerful and infectious, such as a stone falling into a deep pool, and a small water splash with strength and depth. When playing according to the notes, pay attention to whether the high, medium, and low tones are evenly proportioned. A qualified guqin should have a consistent timbre and volume for its scattered, pressed, and overtones.

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